Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Introducing: Sadie and Mira

The two animals we have had the longest are our dogs, Sadie and Mira.  They're both great companions and protectors for our family.

Sadie (5/2003) is a beagle mix of some sort.  The vet actually said that she's such a mix that we could call her whatever breed we wanted.  My reply was, "Ok, then she's a great dane!"  So she's only about 35 lbs, but she's an honorary great dane!  She was adopted from our local animal shelter where she was left in the back pen with with three brothers.  We got her six weeks after we lost our first dog, Angel.  From her age estimate, Sadie was born around the time that we lost Angel.

Mira (11/8/2008) is a white shepherd, husky, and border collie and/or Australian shepherd mix.  Mom was definitely white shepherd and husky, but we're not positive about dad.  We got her from a family who lived in the next town who were looking for a home for the puppies.  Our first dog, Angel, was a retriever and border collie mix, so when I heard about this litter I felt called to look into getting one.  Mira has a really cool black spot on her chest.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome to the Ranch!

We started this blog to share with family, friends, and the general internet population the lives of our critters.  We'll be sharing pictures as well as what we've learned about the animals that share our home.

Our current critter population:

  • two dogs
  • one cat
  • two fire bellied toads
  • one leopard gecko
  • one albino fat tail gecko
  • two crocodile geckos
  • one gargoyle gecko
  • one chinchilla
  • one hedgehog
  • three betta fish
  • one fancy tail guppy
We'll be sharing about each of these animals, their names, personalities, and why they make great pets.