Saturday, June 7, 2014

Meet Rover!

Our newest critter is Rover, a roborovski dwarf hamster. We just got him two days ago at our local family owned pet store. He's adorable! My youngest has been asking for a hamster for a while, but I didn't want an escape artist.

I acquired a glass tank with a mesh lid from work that someone was giving away. Youngest and I took a trip out to the pet store to see what was available that would be able to live in the tank. We looked at lizards, snakes, spiders, etc. After looking at the itty bitty hamsters, pricing out what we would need for him, we decided to go for it.

He's very tame and very sweet. We'll be researching more about roborovski dwarf hamsters this summer. Maybe I'll have my youngest write a report! (insert teacher mom evil laughter)