Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Habitat: Hedgehog

Yesterday a friend who recently got a hedgehog asked about the habitat we use for our hedgehog.  Of course this naturally lead into this next series of posts - habitats.

Jawn the hedgehog came with everything he needed from his previous owners: cage, playpen, water bottle, food, etc.  We've added a few things here and there.

Here's a picture of where Jawn spends his nights:

Most of the cage is in the picture. To the left is a cloth house that is attached to the cage on the sides. He spends more time under it than in it.  In the middle is a wheel and ceramic food dish.  In the lower right corner of the picture is a water bottle.  There's also a litter pan in the upper right corner that is used more as a push-toy than it's intended purpose.  There's also a ping pong ball in there for him to push around.

When we bring Jawn downstairs and need him confined (versus walking around on the table or floor with supervision), we have a plywood "playpen" made by his previous owners.  We've added another wheel (his cage wheel was originally in the playpen), a food dish, water bottle, and toilet paper rolls.  He enjoys the PVC pipes a lot.  He pushes them around, crawls in them, and takes naps in them.

We are definitely not hedgehog experts. We're still researching and learning about these cute creatures and while having a lot of fun.

We would love to hear about habitats used by other hedgehog owners.  Please share in the comments below!

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