Friday, August 2, 2013

Introducing: Giant and Leafy

Giant and Leafy are two fire bellied toads (named by the youngest children, if you can't tell).
According to National GeographicOriental fire-bellied toads secrete toxins from their skin, and they want potential predators to know it. When threatened, they rise up on their front legs and arch their back, sometimes even flipping themselves over completely, to reveal the bright red-and-black coloration of their underside. This behavior, known as the unken reflex, warns predators, “Eat me, and you might croak.”
Our toads are green to brown with spots on their backs with a red and black belly that resembles fire.  We feed them crickets and make sure they have a large water dish to sit in.  Some people give them more of a swimming area like a shallow aquarium with rocks to rest on.

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