Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Introducing: Professor Nibbles

Professor Nibbles came to us from some friends who were downsizing their pets by finding them loving homes.  We are thankful for this family who entrusted two of their pets into our care (the other one will be featured tomorrow).  Nibs, as he is sometimes called, is a chinchilla.  His fur is so soft and looks forward to playtime in the bathroom that was made chin-friendly.  He loves jumping around his cage between the levels, running around the bathroom, and his dust baths.  Of course he also loves to chew!  He also loves to go in his ball (think large hamster ball) and wanders the house. Professor Nibbles and his friend joined our family just last week, on July 29th.  His former name was Lucky, and we are so lucky to have him! We love him lots and enjoy spending time with him!

Here's a video of him barking. At first I thought it was him getting mad at me for waking him up. Later I realized it was him warning about the dog in the room.

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